Task & File Management for Distributed Teams

Welcome to WorkRooms, where busy remote teams get their work done. The online task management solution that brings people, files & workflows together.

This is not your average task management tool. With WorkRooms, we want to skyrocket your team‘s productivity by offering a one stop shop for all marketers, creators and business professionals.

Your work in this modern collaboration environment will be accelerated through clearly defined processes, faster decision-making and powerful file management capabilities.

Transform your work

Create, manage & share all your content in one central place. All files are always up-to-date and synced across teams & devices.

Boost team creativity

With unlimited seats, no one is being left out. Bring all your designers, stakeholders and contributing teams together.

Increase project speed

With clear feedback & approval rules, no piece of content gets stuck. Focus on the outcome, not the process.

Experience our product

Create better content, faster

We have re-imagined the modern marketing workflow. With WorkRooms, we‘re offering the perfect location for creators and marketers to 10x their creative output. Finish as many projects as you have started as every project is managed with precise workflows and fast decision-making processes.

Fast & Easy Work

WorkRooms allow you to streamline your approval processes.

Create Result

Keep the overview of all tasks of your marketing team – get things done.

Intelligent file management

WorkRooms is not your average task manager. We‘re obsessed with content and how to create, manage and share it. Accessing & collaboration on all your content files is easier than ever before. With powerful search & syncing we‘re making sure all collaborators use the latest files without using any additional tools or resources.

Different Access Levels

Set up different access levels and make sure only the right person can edit a file.


Always work with your team on the latest version of your files. Forget sending files back and forth.

Accelerate feedback & approvals

Untangle internal processes and put clear workflows for feedback and decisions in place. Slice and dice all your content formats and offer valuable & highly actionable feedback on all formats: from videos and images, from PowerPoint to InDesign and everything else.

See what is important

Separate signal from noise, get stuff done and reduce publishing time by 80%.

Approvals made easy

Automate your company decision and approval cycles with WorkRooms.

Bring your people & tools together

Unlimited seats and possibilities with WorkRooms: made for busy marketers and their creative stakeholders. Bring everyone and every file to one place and let productivity surge. Replace your old tools with WorkRooms as everyone works in the same environment and sync all your files across departments, locations & devices.

Unlimited seats

Invite the whole team to WorkRooms without being charged additionally.

Break up Silos

Invite your agencies, freelancers or other departments to work with you on a project.

We want to skyrocket your team’s productivity by offering a one-stop-shop for all marketers, creators, and business professionals.  WorkRooms closes the gap between task management and file sharing and merges transparency with control and reduces overhead for managing a team.